Best Portable Speakers 2017 Reviews – Pick the Right Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable Speakers 2017 Reviews - Pick the Right Bluetooth SpeakerIn this article, we pick out the best portable speakers 2017 for your home and for traveling.

For a lot of users, buying a Bluetooth speaker is the best option they can find. They don’t cost a lot, are very useful and you can take them where ever you are to entertain yourself and your friends.

There are a lot of different Bluetooth speakers for sale on the market right now. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are small speakers you can keep in your pocket and big, exclusive Bluetooth speakers with surround system which are more useful for big rooms or large ambient.

However, in this article, I am going to list only the Best Portable Speakers 2017 which are more practical, you can carry around and use them with your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Basically, I am going to show you some of the best portable speakers for everyday use.

Before going to the list, I would recommend reading the Buying Guide, so you will make your mind and know for sure what model are you looking for and how much are you willing to spend.

Best Portable Speakers 2017 Buying Guide

What should you consider when you have decided to buy a portable Bluetooth speaker? As you will read down below, there are some things worth considering when you shop for one.

Battery Life

The first thing you should consider when choosing a Portable Speaker for iPhone or for any other portable device is its battery life. You don’t want for your speaker to die in the middle of a party or a friends group.

Try to read the battery statistics and find the one that fits your need. Most of the portable speakers last from 7-9 hours but there are models which last much longer but are a bit more expensive.


Another thing you should have in mind when you are about to choose your Bluetooth speakers is portability. It is called portable speaker for a reason; because it has to be easy to carry around, and you can take it anywhere. Have in mind to choose a product which is light and not very big.

Sound Quality

Probably the most important thing when choosing one of the 2017 portable speakers is its sound quality.

Speakers main purpose is to play music for you and If it doesn’t sound good, you will not enjoy the music which means that the speaker lost its purpose.

Think and decide what you like; a speaker with high bass or a loud and clear treble speaker. Try to choose a high-quality sounding speaker by considering these factors.

Bluetooth Range

Although it is not the most important factor to consider when choosing your 2017 portable speaker, still you have to consider it, especially if you plan to use this speaker in big rooms or ambients.

The average Bluetooth Range is about 20 feet, so try to keep it in mind

Other Features

The upper mentioned factors were the most important ones but there are some small details that sometimes make a difference on your decision.

If you are an adventurous person and like water or just like to listen to music while you shower, then you can look for speakers which are waterproof or water resistant. There are some models out there which have this feature. Even they are waterproof, they sound good and are not very expensive.

Also, you can look for other small features like their ports. You can buy a model which has an AUX or another kind of port which you think can use in the future.

After you read all the things that you should consider when buying one of the best 2017 portable speakers, then you are good to go and pick the one that fits you and your needs.

Just keep in mind to find a balance between the battery life, sound quality, and price, so you don’t end up spending a lot of money on a product which has features you don’t need.

Best Portable Speakers 2017

The products listed below are chosen based on sales number, customers rating, features, and price.

Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920 Bluetooth Speaker Review 
Best Budget Buy Speaker

  • Top for Value
  • Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life
  • Nice and Aluminium Frame


  • Not the Greatest Bass

With so many different products out there, it is often very hard to find a good deal on a portable speaker which is affordable and sounds good. The cheap speakers often sound rubbish and are very low-quality. But, the Jam Heavy Metal changes that.

It costs less than $100, but it has a nice design with an aluminum frame. It also sounds more clear and loud than some of other products at the market which cost way more.

Like most of the best small portable Bluetooth speakers, this product uses passive radiators to squeeze big bass out of a tiny box.

One of the key features of this speaker is its amazing and clear, detailed treble.

Unless you are willing to spend more than $100 dollars on a portable speaker, the combination of its metal frame design, clear sound quality and amazing value, it is a steal of a deal.

Minirig Bluetooth Speaker Review

minirig bluetooth portable speaker review 
Longest Stamina

  • Up to 50 Hours of Battery Life
  • 3-inch Smart Driver
  • Aux Input


  • Not the Greatest Bass

Back in the day, the Minirig was very famous for producing high-quality speakers. The original Minirig was almost an all speaker, with an amazing sound quality for its size and price. Now, they are back with a Bluetooth Version of Minirig.

It is a driver smart portable speaker, which means that it will not sound very good when it comes to the bass part and as a result, some of the speakers on this list will have more bass than Minirig, but when it is compared with the speakers of its range, it is still hard to beat it. You cannot find a portable speaker which will fill only your palm and sound better than the Minirig Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Although it has only a 3-inch driver, which is very common for speakers of its size, it still sounds good enough for you to enjoy the music.

Also, the 3-inch driver is very efficient and help this speaker survive for about 50 hours of use between charges. Although this super efficiency is applied when you use an Aux Cord and not the Bluetooth connection, this Portable Speaker will still outlast some of its rival Portable Speakers of 2017 even when you use the wireless connection.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II Review

Great for Open and Big Ambient

  • Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life
  • Charge Dock
  • Dual Passive Radiators


  • No aptX or NFC Connection

In the past, Bose used to be one company which start selling very expensive radios advertised in the back of newspapers but not anymore. They are now one of the biggest and one of the best sound products producing company in the world. They only sell class-leading performance gadgets with an average price, which can be affordable for most people.

The Bose SoundLink Mini II is a great mini speaker, which offers thundering bass when compared with its size. The quality of the sound is very surprising for a portable speaker of its size and price.

The secret for this particular product seems to be its larger source of the sound. This means that the sound comes from a much larger source when compared with its competitors.

Although its drivers are tiny, they don’t sound so, as the sonics expand way beyond this little speaker dimensions.

The exact recipe for achieving such a great sound quality, the Bose doesn’t share with anyone but they have made one of the best portable speakers for 2017 out there.

It is compatible with iPhone or any other smartphone and it comes with a very nice and clean charging dock.

UE BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

ue boom 2 wireless bluetooth speaker review 
The Best Outdoor Option

  • WaterProof
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Loud and Clear 360 Degree Sound


  • Not The Best Sound Quality When Wet

The UE Boom 2 is a very popular Bluetooth speaker. It is one of the best portable speakers 2017 out there.

It looks a bit like a very large energy drink can, but if you double check, it is one of the best and smartest designs around.

It is bold and very colorful, but it is waterproof, making it the perfect option for those folks who like outdoor adventures or just like to listen to clear and high-quality music while taking a shower. Most of other products out there, if they get wet, the sound quality will be lower and they can brick or get damaged very easily if the water goes to their internal but the UE Boom 2 with its tough mesh and rubber plastic design will handle water very well.

For some people may not look as good as an aluminum frame but its design makes it waterproof and makes this speaker handle poundings much better.

Apart from its colorful and funky design, the UE Boom 2 is very, very loud. That’s perfect for outdoor use but still the indoors sound quality will sound even better.

Even though the sound quality doesn’t match the best here, it is still very practical and can be used in any condition.

If you are looking for a tough, waterproof, good sounding speaker, then the UE Boom 2 is the perfect product for you.

RIVA S Premium Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

riva s premium wireless bluetooth speaker review 
Best Sound Quality Among Competitors

  • Up to 13 Hours of Battery Life
  • Water Resistant(IPX4)
  • Seven Drivers


  • A Bit Expensive

If you are looking for the best sound quality per square inch among the best portable speakers 2017, then the RIVA S definitely wins a medal.

The RIVA S has more drivers than any other portable speakers we reviewed and listed in this article.

It has three active drivers and four passive bass drivers, which means that there are in total seven drivers inside a speaker which is smaller than a brick.

It has a nice and elegant finish, with little blue LED lights on top of it for an easier control.

Although it has tiny speaker drivers, it outranks its competitors as the most musical sounding speaker in this class.

It is not cheap and not as loud as its competitors but if the sound quality is your number one priority when choosing a portable speaker, then the RIVA S is a perfect choice.

If you still haven’t found the perfect speaker for you from the upper mentioned Bluetooth portable speakers, you can check out other options such as the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 or Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker, which both are very, very affordable and anyone can buy them but the build quality and other features are not as good as the upper mentioned ones.

Another good candidate for this list is the JBL Flip 3, which is kind-of the UE Boom 2 clone. It is cheaper than the UE Boom 2 and it doesn’t have some of its features, but they promise that their product is waterproof and handles pounding as good as the UE Boom 2 one.

So, in conclusion, there are some good options to consider when you decide to buy a portable Bluetooth speaker. I know that there are a lot of other products out there, but I included only the top 5 portable speakers 2017 which I think have definitely deserved a place on this list. Also, I added some extra other speakers which are not good enough to be featured in the top 5 list but still should be considered if you don’t find the right one from the top 5.