The Best iOS Keyboard Apps – 2016

The Best iOS Keyboard Apps - 2015Apple released iOS 8 at WWDC 2014 on June 2, 2014. iOS 8 came with a lot of new features for all Apple Devices. The Photos App contains more editing tools now, Notification Center has two tabs now and users can add and remove third-party widgets from it and a lot of other features.

Another cool feature of iOS 8 is the new predictive typing feature called QuickType, which displays word selections above the keyboard as one types. This feature can be enabled or disabled in Settings.

Another improvement for iOS Keyboard was the installation of third-party keyboards. This means that Apple remove its restriction to users who want to have a different type of keyboard in their device. You can now go to App Store and Install a third-party keyboard and use it as your primary keyboard.

As everything else, in App Store are hundreds of new keyboard apps and if you don’t know which one is the best, then i am going to show you The Best iOS Keyboard Apps.

 The Best iOS Keyboard Apps

The list i will provide will include The best iOS Keyboard Apps based on my opinion, experts reviews, download numbers and user rating.

Also, some of these keyboard apps are available at a specific price. If you want to get a paid app for free, read my guide :

1. SwiftKey

The Best iOS Keyboard Apps - 2015If you have been an Android User, the you probably have heard for SwiftKey. It is one of the most sold Android Keyboard Apps of all time. This keyboard has some interesting and useful features integrated. It comes with a great text-prediction features and you this keyboard lets you swipe your way through words to make typing even easier. If you have multiple devices, this app has SwiftKey Cloud Sync to sync everything this app has learned from you including your typing style and your custom dictionary with all your devices.

Price : Free               App Store LinkSwiftKey

2. Swype

Swype - The Best iOS Keyboard Apps - 2015Swipe lets you use swipe gestures in order to make out words faster and make your typing experience more enjoyable. It also comes with 5 different themes with different colors and styles. As many other third-party iOS keyboards, it learns from your typing habits and words you use. Another cool feature of this app is a dedicated traditional number pad keyboard.

Price : $0.99               App Store LinkSwype

3. Fleksy

Fleksy - The Best iOS Keyboard Apps - 2015Fleksy integrate the traditional tapping with intuitive gestures. For example, if Fleksy predicts a wrong word, you can swipe anywhere on the keyboard to undo it. To toggle between predictions, you can swipe up and down. You can also change themes and color schemes inside the app itself.

Price : $0.99               App Store LinkFleksy

4. TextExpander 3

TextExpander 3 - The Best iOS Keyboard Apps - 2015TextExpander is a very useful utility that lets you store custom text that you often. Before iOS 8, it was just a tool for Notes App but now it comes with its Custom Keyboard that brings customs saved snippets to the typing interface, making it easier to write a text. You just have to type your shortcut and TextExpander will complete the word.

Price : $4.99               App Store LinkTextExpander 3


5. Themeboard

Themeboard - The Best iOS Keyboard Apps - 2015Themeboard is the first iOS Keyboard App that lets all designers share their work custom keyboard design. Search for a theme, download it and apply. The layout of Themeboard is similar to the stock iOS Keyboard but with a cool design of your choice.

Price : Free               App Store LinkThemeboard

6. Slated

Slated - The Best iOS Keyboard Apps - 2015Slated attempts to bring a new way of communication between users around the world. You can communicate in over 30 languages. Type your text in English then choose your target language and the keyboard will translate it directly what you’re typing.

Price : $4.99               App Store LinkSlated

7. Minuum

Minuum - The Best iOS Keyboard Apps - 2015Minuum offers a great predictive engine. You can swipe down to make the interface more compact. Swiping down scrunches letter together, but still predicts what you are typing with a great accuracy.

Price : $1.99               App Store LinkMinuum

This were The Best iOS Keyboard Apps based on my opinion. I have tested them all and my favorite is the SwiftKey. It has pretty cool features and is very stable.

Also, some of these keyboard apps are available at a specific price. If you want to get a paid app for free, read my guide :

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