Best Cydia Sources for iOS 8

Cydia Sources 2015


After jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod, the most important thing you should do is add some new cydia sources. In this article, we are writing the best cydia sources for ios 8 users. If you add some of these sources, you will be free to download hundreds of cydia tweaks for your device.

Best Cydia Sources for iOS 8 in 2016

best cydia sources 2015

1. BigBoss Repo

BigBoss Repo is the biggest source in Cydia. It has hundreds different tweaks which change the way your device reacts and looks. Some of the biggest and best cydia tweaks are found in this repo. You can find tweaks like BetrFoldr ( removes folder background ), Bigifi ( changes your homescreen design and interact ), Bloard ( makes iphone keyboard black ) and a lot of other tweaks. Down below you will find the url to add this repo in cydia. If you don’t know how to add new repo in cydia, click here !

Url :

2. SiNful iPhone Repo

best cydia sources 2015

SiNful is one of the biggest repos out there for cracked apps and tweaks, and this is the reason why it is in best cydia sources 2015. In this repo, you can find almost every paid tweak for free and cracked. In this repo, you can download some of the best installous alternatives 2016, which help you download many app store apps for free.

Url :

3. ModMyi Repo


ModMyi source is like the BigBoss Repo. It is some kind of official repos which come with cydia pre-installed. All the main cydia tweaks are available in this source. Apps like BytaFont 2 ( lets you change the default font of your iOS device ), BatterySafe ( battery app management ), BiteSMS ( ios message app in steroids ) etc.

Url :

4. xSellize Repo


xSellize Repo is one of the biggest and famous repos for games and apps. You can download apps like AirBlue Sharing ( iOS Bluetooth Sharing), Activator ( Let’s you activate lots of cool features embedded in you iPhone) and AdBlocker ( blocks ad pop-ups )

Url :

5. iPhoneCake


This is the biggest repo for cracked games. You can install AppCake app and every app store game is for free in their app. Like Mario? Here’s nes4iPhone ( Nintendo simulator ), DirtBikeMX , Gameloft Games etc.

Url :

6. Insanelyi Repo


Games, Tweaks, Apps, Themes etc. you can find it all in this cydia repo.

Url :

7. iHacks Repo


One of the most powerful cracked tweaks repo. Winterboard, Dreamboard etc. are in their source. If you want to completely customize your iDevice install this source.

Url :

8. HackYouriPhone Repo


In my opinion, in best cydia sources 2016 , this is the biggest and the best cydia repo for cracked apps and tweaks. You can find the latest version of cracked apps and tweaks, and all for free. If you are a lot into cracked tweaks and customizing your iphone, this is the best repo for your iphone.

Url :

9. BiteYourApple Repo


This repo has a lot of different apps you can choose from. LocallApStore ( Make free in-App Purchases ), Barrel ( Adds cool effects when change your homescreen page ).

Url :

10. iSpazio Repo

iSpazio is an Italian made Cydia source. It was available only in Italian but now this repo is available in English. It hosts many latest apps and tweaks for iOS devices. Famous apps available in iSpazio are Apple Diamond, Artist SMS, Apple Wi-Fi Iconsetc.

Url :


So, these are best cydia sources 2016 for iOS 8 users. I hope you enjoyed this article.



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