Best Camera Tweaks on Cydia for iOS 8, iPhone & iPad

Best Camera Tweaks on Cydia for iOS 8, iPhone & iPadApple releases new updates for their Operating System frequently. On every new iOS Version, they make improvements for different aspects of their operating system. One of the features they improve almost every time a new iOS Version is released is the Camera. The iPhone Camera is one of the biggest camera used for taking photographs from around the world.

Even Apple tries hard to improve their camera, still their Camera App needs huge improvements.

To add new features to the camera app, iOS Users use different Cydia Tweaks.

There are hundreds of Camera Cydia Tweaks for iOS but, in this post, I am going to show you Best Camera Cydia Tweaks for iOS.

Note 1: To install Cydia Camera Tweaks on iOS, you need to jailbreak your device. Read the articles below for more info:

Note 2: Some of the tweaks listed here are available on Cydia for a small fee. If you would like to install paid Cydia Tweaks for Free from Cracked Repos, read this article:

Best Cydia Camera Tweaks for iOS

I will provide a list with the Best Camera Tweaks for iPhone and iPad.

1. FlipCam

I will start this list with a simple but very useful Cydia Camera Tweak.

Sometimes you find it difficult to switch between front and back camera.

To prevent these situations where your finger hardly finds the Camera-Switch Icon, you can install FlipCam. After you install FlipCam, you have to press and hold the camera view and the camera will switch from front to back or vice versa.

Price: Free

2. Live Effects Enabler

Live Effects Enabler Cydia Camera Tweak allows you to enable live effects filter on older devices, which don’t support them. After you install this tweak, a new button is added in the Camera App. By tapping this button, you enable nine live filters for your iOS Camera.

Price: Free

3. Camrix

Camrix allows you to take photos or record videos from anywhere you wish, using an Activator Gesture. You can drag the Camera App anywhere on the screen, use it inside any app. Take a Photo or Record a Video by performing the selected gesture.

Price: $1.99

4. Minimal Camera

If the on-screen camera controls distract you from taking a good photo or record a video, then Minimal Camera is the best solution for you. This tweak hides all camera controls when you press and hold the camera view. You can perform the same gesture to show the again.

Price: Free

5. CameraTweak HD

CameraTweak HD is mostly optimized for iPad only. This tweak customizes the stock Camera App by adding a lot of new features. Features like separate focus and exposure views, timer mode, lapse timer mode, composition overlays, burst mode and easy to zoom for photos are added to your camera app.

Also, there options for improving video quality as well with features such as separate focus and exposure views, frame and rate settings, resolution settings and snapshot while you are recording.

Price: $0.99

6. Burst Mode

Burst Mode is a cool way to take photos and videos. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have got this feature, but it doesn’t take photos in top quality. Burst Mode Cydia Tweak helps you capture photos in Burst Mode.

You can configure its options from the Preference Panel found on the Settings App.

Price: Free

7. Effects+

If you want to add extra Effects to Camera and Photos App, Effects+ is the right tweak for you. It adds 25 extra filters such as Sepia, Vibrance, Gloom, Bloom, Mirrors, Circular etc.

The Tweak Options can be configured from its Preference Panel on the Settings App.

Price: Free

8. QuickShoot Pro

QuickShoot Pro allows you to capture photos and videos from the device home screen. You don’t need to launch the Camera App to take a photo or video but just tap on the QuickShoot Pro icon on the home screen.

You can configure different options in its preference panel such as flash, HDR etc.

Price: $1.49

9. Grabby

Grabby is a simple Cydia Tweak that lets you have quick access to apps from the lock screen. This tweak supports Activator and Flipswitch Switches, allowing you to have instant access on the lock screen to any app you want, including Camera.

Price: $1.99

10. FrontFlash

FrontFlash is a cool Cydia Tweaks which adds flash in the front-facing camera. The tweak provides the attractive illumination to your photos by flashing the screen with a bright white color on maximum brightness.

You can configure different options, such as photo mode, video mode etc.

Price: Free

This is the article “Best Camera Tweaks on Cydia for iOS 8, iPhone & iPad“.

Some of the tweaks listed here are available on Cydia for a small fee. If you would like to install paid Cydia Tweaks for Free from Cracked Repos, read this article:

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