All iOS 9 Features, Release Date and News

All iOS 9 Features, Release Date and NewsApple unveiled iOS 9 lately and in this post, I am going to show you all iOS 9 Features, Release Date and News.

Currently, it is in Beta Stages and officially, is available only for Apple Developers, but if you want to install it on your device today, read my previous post :

iOS 9 Features, Release Date, and News

Down below, I will tell you all the major iOS 9 features, its release date and new.

iOS 9 Release Date

iOS 9 currently is available for all Apple Developers, but if you want to install it right now, click here. Everyone else who wants iOS 9 has to wait until later this year when it’s expected to launch with the new iPhone, around September.

iOS 9 compatibility

Apple is choosing to make this update compatible with older iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS 9 is compatible with all iOS 8 devices. If your device is running iOS 8, then iOS 9 can be installed on your device.

iOS 9 Features

Smarter Siri

Smarter Siri - iOS 9Siri in iOS 9 is getting a big update. It is getting smarter and bigger. Now, Apple’s personal assistant understands the word ” it ” within context, just like its rival, Google Now.

For example, if you are talking about a topic with a friend in iMessages and ask Siri to Remind you about that topic later, it will scan the conversation and will try to understand what topic is about.

Siri, in iOS 9, suggest appointments to add to Calendar and pulls up photos based on location and time.

Plugging in headphones at the gym will offer the Now Playing interface right on the lock screen, based on Siri location knowledge.

iOS 9 will make Siri 40% faster and 40% more accurate.

Apple Pay expands

Apple Pay - iOS 9Apple Pay is expanding for the US and coming to UK with this release. It will cover nearly 70% of credit and debit cards there. Canada and China are rumored to be next up for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ payment platform.

Also, Apple Wallet will replace Passbook.

Apple News apps

News App - iOS 9In iOS 9, Apple is removing Newsstand and replacing it with News App, which is very similar to Newsstand.

Apple’s News App for iOS 9 is all Flipboard, Feedly and BlinkFeed features combined into one app. With News App, your data will remain anonymous, apart from your Apple ID.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps - iOS 9Apple Maps is sometimes unavailable and directions still will open in the default Apple Map navigation app. This won’t change.

Also, public transit directions are coming to iOS 9.

Now, Maps support directions for 300 cities in China.

Multitasking for iPad

Multitasking - iOS 9iOS 9 brings true multitasking to its iPad Models. Multitask switcher has gained a major refresh. You will be able to handle more productivity tasks and have three ways to view multitasking windows on an iPad. Slide over brings a second app from the side so you can answer a text or write something in Notes.

There is also a special mode that puts videos and FaceTime calls in the corner of the display when the home button is pressed. So, you can use any other app while watching the video.

Split View enables two apps to be open side-by-side and be used both at the same time.

New iOS 9 keyboard

Apple included QuickType on iOS 8 and on iOS 9, QuickType return with a vengeance. iPad’s screen keyboard now features a built-in shortcut bar, which flanks the next word suggestions above the QWERTY letter keys. Cut, copy and paste to the left; bold, italic, underline and attachments to the right.

Cursor Control is now easier with a handy slide mechanic when using two fingers. It’s easier than hovering over the tiny cursor, to land between letters.

Other Features

Other Features - iOS 9iOS 9 will come with WiFi and Battery improvements. iOS users can now last their battery for one extra hour, thanks to Low Power Mode.

It will take about 1.3 GB whereas iOS 8 needed massive 4.5 GB of internal storage.

CPU and GPU usage will be more efficient, with improved performance and security is said to be stepped up.

Apple, also, in iOS 9 will feature a ” Move to iOS ” app that makes it easier to wirelessly switch from Android to iOS.


This is the post with all iOS 9 Features, Release Date, and News.

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