All iOS 9 Beta 5 New Features

All iOS 9 Beta 5 New FeaturesApple recently released the fifth version of their latest mobile operating system, the iOS 9 Beta 5. Yesterday I wrote an article showing you How you can Install and Download iOS 9 Beta 5 without Buying Apple’s Developer Account. If you would like to read it, click the link below :

If you still haven’t decided if it is worth updating your device maybe you should read all iOS 9 Beta 5 New Features.

So, in this post. I am going to show you All iOS 9 Beta 5 New Features.

All iOS 9 Beta 5 New Features

In this post, I am going to show you All iOS 9 Beta 5 Features discovered until now. As soon as any new feature is discovered and reported by users, I will update the post and add the new feature.

Handoff & Suggested Apps

Before some weeks, Apple released iOS 9 Beta 3 and one of the new features discovered was the Handoff and Suggested Apps when you search for an app for example. In iOS 9 Beta 5, the settings found in this feature area are tweaked a bit. The App Store suggestions on the lock screen are completely removed and replaced with suggestions for apps that are already installed on your device by yourself.

Shuffle All in Apple Music

Shuffle All - All iOS 9 Beta 5 New FeaturesApple introduced a new music app, called Apple Music which is a streaming music service. One of the features that is missing on their new app was the Shuffle option. In this Beta Version, a new Shuffle All option has been inserted at the top of the Apple’s Music App.

Wi-Fi Calling Feature

Wi-Fi Calling - All iOS 9 Beta 5 New FeaturesOne of the new features in iOS 9 Beta 5 is the ability to make calls using Wi-Fi Networks. This feature is called Wi-Fi Calling and on previous beta versions was available only on T-Mobile, but on iOS 9 Beta 5, Apple added support for Wi-Fi Calling on AT&T’s network users. Currently, AT&T doesn’t offer this feature to its users but is planning to launch Wi-Fi Calling Feature this year for everyone. If you are on AT&T Network and just installed iOS 9 Beta 5 on your device, you have to wait until your network releases this feature.

Wi-Fi Assist

Wi-Fi Assist - All iOS 9 Beta 5 New FeaturesWi-Fi Assist is a very cool and useful feature on the latest beta version. This New Feature on iOS 9 Beta 5 will automatically disable your devices connection with the Wi-Fi Network when the signal is too weak and automatically enables your cellular data connection, so you can continue using the internet access without interruptions.


All iOS 9 Beta 5 New FeaturesApple keeps improving the keyboard for their mobile operating system. On iOS 9 Beta 5, Apple added several new tweaks on their keyboard, including the glyphs on the Delete, Shift and Dictation keys.


All iOS 9 Beta 5 New FeaturesFinally, Apple decided to make some changes to the wallpaper choices. On iOS 9 Beta 5, are a lot of new wallpapers, including abstract, super colorful wallpapers, flowers and splashes of colors on a black background.

This is the guide with All iOS 9 Beta 5 New Features.

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