5 Best iPhone Browser Apps

5 Best iPhone Browser AppsApple’s default browser is Safari, which is a very good browser. Safari has almost all the features a user request from a browser; fast, stable and easy to use.

Safari comes as a pre-installed app with your iOS device and you can’t remove it from your device.

But if you are tired of Safari and are looking for a new, fresh looking Web Browser for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then in this post I am going to show you 5 Best iPhone Browser Apps.

5 Best iPhone Browser Apps

1. Chrome

5 Best iPhone Browser AppsGoogle’s Chrome Browser for iOS is one of the best Safari alternatives and one of the best iPhone Web Browser Apps. If you have installed Chrome for Windows or Mac and use it as your primary computer browser, then you will like Chrome for iOS. They both offer you the same user experience and are very similar. Also, you can sign in with your Google account and sync tabs and bookmarks between your PC and your iOS Device.

Chrome for iOS offers you a voice search feature which uses Google’s Voice Control System, which does its job very well.

Tab Management in Chrome for iOS is excellent. You can create new tabs, manage and rearrange the opened ones in 3D Manager View.

Chrome for iOS offers you gesture control, navigating to the previously visited page by swiping right, refreshing the page by swiping down etc.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can choose to navigate in Incognito Mode which is Private Mode Browsing. With this mode enabled, Chrome doesn’t store your history, cookies or data.

Also, Chrome offers you a Data Saver Optimisation Mode which reduce the data used by Chrome with almost 50 percent.

So, Chrome is a fast, stable and user-friendly browser with many useful features.

2. Dolphin Browser

5 Best iPhone Browser AppsDolphin Browser is a Safari Alternative with good gesture controls and is one of the best iPhone Browser Apps.

Dolphin supports tabs, just as every browser, but you will find it easier to navigate between them by swiping from the right-hand edge to open the tabs page in a 3D View with less info but cool design. If you like the classic tabs view, you can select it in Dolphin Settings.

By swiping from the left-hand edge, allows you to access bookmarks and navigation shortcuts.

Dolphin’s gestures allow you to navigate between pages, refresh a page, open a new tab and a lot of other actions. The browser lets you draw your own gestures directly on the screen and recognizes them pretty well.

Dolphin offers you Private Browsing Mode, just like Chrome, and a Night Browsing Mode, which dims the screen for a better night browsing.

There is a QR Reader button next to URL Bar and Sharing Pane offers you Facebook, Twitter, Evernote Options and AirDrop. You can sync data between devices with Dolphin Connect.

Dolphin Browser is a cool browser with gesture controls, different modes and a lot of features.

3. Opera Mini

5 Best iPhone Browser AppsOpera Mini main priority is speed. By using some clever tricky proxy browsers returning static pages, Opera Mini is the fastest browser for iOS.

Opera Mini is also an economical browser, reducing your data usage a lot and tracking your saving in a dedicated analytics page.

You can choose the level of saving with three different modes; Mini, Turbo and Off. The fastest mode is Mini, where you can choose to load images or not and at what quality you want them to appear.

The tab manager comes in a 3D View and you can close tabs by swiping them.

Also, there is a pull-to-refresh feature which refresh your page by swiping down the screen.

Opera Mini’s Keyboard includes two handy shortcuts, one for QR code and the other to switch between default searches in Google, Wikipedia, eBay or Amazon.

Its central slider allows you to move the cursor in the URL bar or select the text by holding it down.

Opera Mini offers a Smart Night Mode which reduce screen’s blue light and improves the user experience at night.

So, Opera Mini is a fast, data saving browser with a very good keyboard.

4. Opera Coast

5 Best iPhone Browser AppsOpera Coast is the other option for those who don’t like an extreme data saving browser such is Opera Mini.

Opera Coast is designed to look good which adds a few cool animation to your browsing experience.

It recommends online articles to read based on your search terms.

Opera Coast doesn’t have a URL bar, instead you enter the website URL in the ‘ Search the Web ‘ field.

So, Opera Coast is a highly mobile optimised browser with a cool design and features.

5. Atomic Web Browser

5 Best iPhone Browser AppsAtomic Web browser is the only paid option in this list. Atomic offers you some powerful features and a customizable experience.

It allows you to set up advanced privacy controls, choose your browser’s theme color, activate or de-activate ad-blocker, customise the search engine bar, view the source code of a website etc.

So, Atomic Web Browser is full of features, customization controls but it is available for a small price.

This is the guide with the 5 Best iPhone Browser Apps.

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